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On 24th to 26th May 2023, 40 Youths from the Bono East, Bono, Ahafo, Northern and Upper west region got a taste of the endless career and study opportunities offered by the Ghana Permaculture Institute with support from BMZ and SONED

The objectives of the program are to improve the economic wellbeing of farmers in the permaculture value chain through the expansion of GPI Agribusiness center

• To provide course participants a thorough understanding of the problems and policies for

agricultural development with options for empowering Women and Youth

• To expose course participants on the opportunities for job creation and employment of Women

and Youth in agriculture

• To provide course participants with knowledge on the strategies for modernizing agriculture to

empower women and youth

Emphasising that the agriculture sector is not just about farming, Mr. Charles Katere , the Deputy Director of GPI explained that it encompasses a range of exciting careers, from logistics and finance to marketing and research.

Co-founder and C.E.O of GPI, Dr. Agnes Ameyaa, encouraged learners to consider agriculture and Permaculture as a lucrative career path. The days were filled with tours of the GPI site and talks from experts aimed at exposing learners to as many options as possible

To align the integrated capacity building materials to the needs of the target youth beneficiaries, Ghana Permaculture Institute conducted an initial assessment to understand the specific opportunities and challenges that youth have in their communities and to establish appropriate training parameters, including methodology, timing, and language, that would allow an efficient uptake of skills by the youth.

To kickstart the synchronization process and orient the youth, Ghana Permaculture Institute organized a four-day adaptation workshop. Our experts demonstrated to the youth how to acquire knowledge in permaculture and agribusiness skills and to have a sustainable living.

In collaboration with our partners, Ghana Permaculture Institute synchronized four trainings to fit specific needs and to empower different youth populations in Ghana:

  • Understanding the concept of permaculture Ethic and principles

  • Mushroom production, Aquaculture, Moringa product preparation such as ointment, Balm and shampoo

  • Financial Literacy

  • Starting Their Own Farm-Based Businesses

Participants were also given certificate of participation by Dr. Agnes Ameyaa and urged the youth to put what they learned at the institute to practice.

Imagine how we can transform agriculture and food security across Africa if we bring the power of women and youth to bear on the challenges we face. The future looks bright

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