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Do you need some guidance in designing your land? Are you seeking some advice about your sustainable enterprise? Do you want to build permaculture systems into your lifestyle? 

Connect with Dr Paul Yeboah for your Permaculture Consultancy work.

Contact us for any of the below Consultancy Services:

1. Full Permaculture Consultancy Work - Fee GHC 3,000.00 

2. Ecovillage Education Consultancy - Fee GHC 2,000.00

3. General Agribusiness Consultancy - Fee GHC 2,000.00 

4. Social Enterprise Development - Fee GHC 1500.00

5. Sustainable Development Project Implementation Consultancy - Fee GHC 4,000.00

6. Mushroom Consultancy Service - Fee GHC 500.00

7. Moringa Product Development Consultancy etc.. GHC 500.00 

NOTE: Fees are negotiable!

Click to connect with us 

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