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Local organic moringa farmer

Through GPI, local producers are taught cultivation of high-value organic crops such as 





The methods that are taught follow permaculture principles, the practices nourish the land rather than depleting it of essential nutrients and destroying soil structure. This ensures that the farmers will be able to farm their land long into the future. 

GPI helps the farmers to sell and process their yields, assisting them in the creation of a sustainable livelihood.

The processing of all of these crops can be done here on site by locals who turn them into a variety of natural products.

Lemongrass and citronella are distilled into essential oil that can be used to make insect repellent or candles. We sell the essential oil to support the organisation.

Our sister organisation Natural Moringa Enterprise purchases moringa from the farmers providing them with steady, reliable custom. 

Natural moringa product training is also available for individuals who wish to learn! 


Have you thought about learning a new skill? Do you want to learn how to make good quality, organic products from your yields? Do you want to earn more money from your crops? 


Join us as GPI to expand your knowledge and grow your business! 

Prices for training 

Ghanaian GHC200.00 (Per Product)

Non-Ghanaian GHC400.00 (Per Product)

Food GHC100.00 (Per Day)

Accommodation GHC60.00 (Per Day) 

Duration of the course is 3 days 

For more information and booking please get in touch! 

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