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GPI has trained over 5000 individuals in occupational oyster mushroom production. Our students have included youths, teachers and people from farmer groups and women's associations. 

Why mushroom production? 

  • The cultivation of mushrooms creates a yield that contributes valuable nutrition to a balanced and healthy diet. This is vital to the Ghanaian population as a vast number of people are at high risk of food insecurity and hunger, particularly in the North of the country.

  • The project teaches the necessary skills for potential life-long income generation. The project provides people with practical knowledge, enabling them to create a livelihood for themselves as, even with an education, many Ghanaian people struggle to find work. 

  • Through the use of sawdust and rice-chaff as a growing medium, students are educated about recycling waste to produce high value yields. 

  • This project educates local producers on organic and sustainable growing whilst combating food poverty. Teaching people to care for themselves whilst also considering their environment means that they can secure enough food for themselves and generations to come. 


Ghana Permaculture Institute is the first provider of uncontaminated mushroom spawns in Ghana and we are also selling them to Togo and Nigeria!

All of our spawns are certified organic and are packaged in recycled glass bottles! 

We sell spawns and mushroom bags throughout Ghana along with the opportunity for training. 


Are you looking for a new way to earn money as well as improving the diet of your family and community? 

If this is you then we have the perfect training for you, learn how to cultivate mushrooms with us here at GPI! 


Prices for training 

Ghanaian GHC700.00

Non-Ghanaian GHC900.00

Accommodation GHC100.00 (Per Day) 

Food  GHC120.00 (Per Day)

Duration of the course is four days 

For more information and booking please get in touch.


Certified organic sterilised cultivation bags GHC 2 each

Orders over 1000 GHC 1.5 each

If a company or organisation is purchasing bags to donate, the lower rate applies. 

For Ghanaian locals 

Credit is available as a form of micro-finance

For enquiries and to order please contact us 

(see below) 

Contact Us
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