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Permaculture is a design system for creating sustainable human environments. ... Read more 

Ghana Permaculture Institute (GPI), is a Not For Profit Organisation that promotes permaculture systems and social enterprises to overcome social and environmental degradation. We seek to consider the future feedback of human interaction with the environment. GPI uses the permaculture principles and ethics of earth care, people care and fair share in the implementation of its sustainable developmental activities and projects. GPI through its exemplary model of seeing solutions beyond problems has identified the core challenge of poverty which commits people to initiate certain actions that negatively affect the environment... Read More

Health screening program. GPI doctor's s
GPI organizes health outreach programs m

Agriculture is the backbone of our life. Hence our practices towards it should follow natural Principles like the permaculture sustainability system. 

GPI with support from BUSAC Fund is advocating and seeking the concerns of stakeholders to develop permaculture policies in Ghana.

Access to health care is free and a must for every individual to be able to access. GPI educate, screen and provide health care to patients and visit rural communities who are marginalized to get access to proper health services. 


Ghana Permaculture Institute partners with the School for Adult Education in Germany. This partnership seeks to enhance students in these two institutes to acquire knowledge in Sustainability and permaculture issues in Ghana and Hierarchical structures and societal issues in Germany.

Considering the training's and advocacies of the modern trend of sustainable agriculture, brought out a strong partnership between GPI and KNUST. KNUST now sends 100 students in Agriculture departments to GPI to experience the modern trend of agriculture every week!!!! 




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